This site is dedicated to the Digital Storytelling course, in which new media will capture old stories and genres. This semester will focus around Westerns, and so each project will develop the narrative of our theme through several types of media, from videos to podcasts to twitter. Whatever lies in this new frontier we will venture to find!

Howdy! My name is Lindsey, and I’m a college student and American Studies major who is looking to use digital works as an integral part of my studies and future projects. I believe that while digital media continues to grow, so will its role in educating people about culture and history. My personal goal with this blog project is to develop skills and a better understanding of how to create digital works in order to make the information I already have from my other studies available to a wide audience in a fun, creative way.

This website will track my development as both a storyteller and a digital works creator. As each week goes by, new possibilities arise along the wide expanse we call the Internet — a new frontier for creative minds.