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This Week’s Progress

Outside of planning, advertising, and commenting on others’ ideas, I have done three presentations and written two papers — one two pages long and the other ten. Needless to say, I have not completed the entirety of this final project in this week alone. Luckily, finals week comes with the warm fuzzy feeling of an end in sight, and I’ve gotten some work done behind the scenes for this grand story. I’ve got the plot outlined and some of the assignments completed, but I’ve only posted the first one, which was the poster advertising this new tale.

I also had some major trouble with commenting, since the ds106 tales website isn’t updating anything outside of Dr. Bond’s new posts, so I had to go through the ds106 main page to access the recent posts from the site (which I didn’t figure out until today). Everyone’s final project ideas look good so far, though, so good luck to everyone in this final week! See you on the other side.

Web Worldwide: Week 13

This week was a very busy week for me, so I definitely didn’t space out my assignments like I would have liked to. I kept up with the Daily Creates, though, so I do have that!

We did web design this week, which was very new to me but a lot more fun than I had expected it to be! To start, I made my Canvas page tell me the truth using X-Ray Goggles. Then, for my assignments, I mapped out characters from my favorite reading for American Realism for 4 stars, then wrote out my family moving history for 3 stars, and finally created a story with multiple endings for 4 stars, making my grand total for this week to be 11 stars!

My Daily Creates consisted of comic creating, Street Viewing a place I’ve never been, and telling the story of an image (and also finding a lonely tree). I weaved the last three Daily Creates into a story, which was a fun twist in this week’s assignments.

We’re almost at the end of the semester, and while I can’t wait for summer, I’m going to miss learning about all the new things that this class has taught! Not that I should be getting sentimental just yet; we still have a couple weeks to go. Good luck, everyone!

Mashup Time: Week 12

This week was busy, but fun! I enjoyed putting together all of my mashup assignments and remixing some old ideas into new ones. And honestly, I really enjoyed putting together my tutorial. I like making things that could be potentially useful to others, and it gave me a chance to remake something that I had previously done!

So here’s the rundown. I made a tutorial on pixel art, remixed my image in an eye and my color-changing landscape, and put together some fun Daily Creates.

For my Mashup assignments, I mixed my radio commercial into a piano scene for three stars, mashed together some songs into a 10 second segment for four stars, edited two iconic movie scenes together for four and a half stars, and made my friends into emojis for four stars. My total star count ended up being 15 1/2 stars. I would have hit the limit after the movie scene assignment, but I was just half a star short of 12. So here’s to earning some brownie point stars for the week!

Finally, of course, I commented on others’ mashups.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Filming, Editing, Uploading, Oh My: Week 11

This week my group got together and finished our video show “College is a Rodeo”. It took a lot of effort and many hours, but it’s finally done! It shows what our characters would do if they went to college here at UMW. Here’s the final cut:

You can check out our progress through my video progress summaries. In addition to this video I made some Daily Creates, from March Madness to inventions to surreal landscapes.

And, of course, I took the time to watch and comment on others’ videos. They all look really great! Congrats to everyone who put in all the work necessary this week to create such cool works.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Making the Movie: Week 10

This week we started working on video. After reading and watching our material for background, I applied what I learned to a scene from Django Unchained. I then completed one assignment, in which I played a game for the camera. I also got some good Daily Creates this week, from memes to Etch-A-Sketches.

Most importantly, however, I started collaborating with a group to make a video show and made a trailer. I’m really excited about how it’s going to look, so I hope you are, too! I’m beginning to develop a weird affinity toward digital group projects. Most of the week was dedicated toward planning and communicating, and next week we will be shooting and completing the final project!

And, of course, I made some comments.

Collaborate ‘n Create: Week 9

This week was lots of fun. I really enjoy collaborating and working off of other’s ideas, like we did in the radio show! All of my assignments worked off of our radio show, too, which was even cooler. To start, I made a post with a series of ideas for collaborative projects to do with classmates, or just to give everyone some ideas (I was stuck at first so I thought my research might be of some use). I finally collaborated with Tierra in an email-based story of what happened after the murder (4 stars). I then wrote a story based around Natalie’s character Talie coming over to Danny’s for dinner (2 1/2 stars). Finally, in response to Carlee’s poster for summer tutoring with Danny, I made a picture-based story of what the summer tutoring would be like (3 1/2 stars), which totaled to a solid ten stars!

The radio shows turned out incredibly well, so good job again to everyone for their hard work! I wrote a response to the “World Wide Western News” show, which was a splendid listen. I also posted some extra content to go with our radio show when it played on Thursday!

My Daily Creates for the week consisted of tombstones, trains, and faces in the floor. Spooky stuff.

And last but not least, I made lots of comments.

Again, thanks everyone who came out and listened to “Turning Tumbleweeds”! It was cool being on Twitter with y’all and seeing your responses to the murder mystery. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!

That’s a Wrap! Week 8

This week was great. My group for the radio show was awesome, and I can’t wait for everyone to take a look at what we accomplished! The radio show is officially published for your listening pleasure. I want to thank my group for being such a wonderful, productive group and for working so hard on this show.

My own part of the project was previously recorded in my second progress report, if you’d like to hear the raw segment for Danny.

Additionally, I did two daily creates, both of which I really enjoyed (especially the cow GIF).

I also made some comments on others’ work!

This radio show was a ton of fun. I think my favorite part of this course so far has been the audio portions, and I’m glad our midterm encompassed that in such an engaging project.

Get Ready to Tumble: Week 7

This week was all about preparation. I organized with my groupmates for the radio show and we began discussing ideas, character interactions, and contributions. A run-down of what we discussed is in my radio show update.  Once we agreed on a title, I made a poster for the show.

Aside from the initial radio show business, I did a series of audio assignments. I whistled a tune and told a spooky story, each of which were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 stars respectively. Then, in an attempt to find my character’s voice, I created a radio bumper and commercial for the show. The bumper was 3 1/2 stars, the commercial 4 stars. I counted these two as my character-based assignments, as I experimented with voice acting during my recording of them. Overall I did 11 1/2 stars worth of assignments (although to be honest, some of the star ratings have been fluctuating over the week so the values might have changed since this post went live).

I also did my series of Daily Creates this week, from telling the time to making an audio adventure to misquoting cowgirls.

And finally, I commented on my classmates’ posts and progress. Everything the class is doing for their radio shows is very interesting, and I’m incredibly pleased with how my group’s work has come along. I can’t wait to make our show a reality!

Designing the Scene

This week was full of designs! In order to get started, I reflected on the Vignelli Canon of good design practices. I then used what I learned to interpret Western design and the making of today’s logos.

Once I finished reading and analyzing, I put it to the test through my own assignments. I created a Wanted poster of Jesse James for my chosen assignment. I then worked on my 10 star’s worth of assignments by making a trading card (4 1/2 stars), telling a movie through icons (3), and creating a minimalist poster (3 1/2), totaling this week’s star count at 11.

My Daily Creates can be found here. I got to caption an old painting, GIF an excited dog, and choose my preferred mode of transportation in the West.

This week finishes off the first half of the semester, before the midterm begins. Good luck to everyone!

Week 5: The Wind Calls

This week was filled with learning. I started off by reflecting on what I knew and what I had yet to learn. I also put out some ideas for the midterm. Then I participated in a tweet-along and gleaned some information on what a radio show used to sound like versus a newer one like “Moon Graffiti”.

I did my daily creates for the week, from mapping to stamping to making up sayings, and compiled them all into their own post.

I worked on learning about audio through the sound effects story, the radio bumper, and a westernized reading of “The Raven”. Since the sound effects story counted for three and a half stars out of the eight I had to do, I chose to have a conversation with myself for another four stars and read an overdramatic monologue for two and a half stars, finishing off the week with a grand total of ten stars. While most of my assignments had to do with speaking and editing, I made sure to incorporate how to make ambiance in a story and put sound effects behind actions.

And last but certainly not least, I commented, commented, and commented some more. I’m not sure I collected all of them (I forgot to grab links for some) but I tried to not be shy in communicating with others.

I had a lot of fun this week, and I learned a ton about audio. I was surprised by the end of it when I could throw together ambiance and time it well on the last project. The projects and assignments we had made a huge impact on my audio editing skills.