Web Worldwide: Week 13

This week was a very busy week for me, so I definitely didn’t space out my assignments like I would have liked to. I kept up with the Daily Creates, though, so I do have that!

We did web design this week, which was very new to me but a lot more fun than I had expected it to be! To start, I made my Canvas page tell me the truth using X-Ray Goggles. Then, for my assignments, I mapped out characters from my favorite reading for American Realism for 4 stars, then wrote out my family moving history for 3 stars, and finally created a story with multiple endings for 4 stars, making my grand total for this week to be 11 stars!

My Daily Creates consisted of comic creating, Street Viewing a place I’ve never been, and telling the story of an image (and also finding a lonely tree). I weaved the last three Daily Creates into a story, which was a fun twist in this week’s assignments.

We’re almost at the end of the semester, and while I can’t wait for summer, I’m going to miss learning about all the new things that this class has taught! Not that I should be getting sentimental just yet; we still have a couple weeks to go. Good luck, everyone!

You’re the New Sheriff

For this assignment, I had to create a multi-level story using the website Inklewriter. This story is about you, the new sheriff in the town of Baddon, a place so tough they had to call you in from miles away. What’s going to happen, now that you’re here? You’ll have to play to find out!

I wasn’t too sure about this assignment, since writing anything with multiple endings sounds like a massive headache. In fact, it did take me at least two hours to write (and I didn’t revise it very thoroughly), but it was a lot of fun! I was initially going to use a different story that I already sort of had planned out, but that one was too linear and needed too much explanation. So instead, I thought I’d run with a bit more of the Western theme and wrote something about a sheriff coming into a bad town.

Enjoy the story! Hopefully you get the good ending.

Mapping Stories

This assignment asked that  you take some story or situation and create a map for everyone involved. I decided to take this opportunity to map out a book that I had to read for my American Realism class called The Marrow of Tradition. It’s a really good book, and I highly recommend anyone read it if they’re interested. The biggest problem with the book was the large amount of characters involved. Many things are happening all at once throughout the course of the events, and everyone is related to everyone else somehow. So, I decided to take advantage of this assignment and finally map out the characters according to a list that my professor had given us to help in our reading. I’m going to send this link to the professor, too, so hopefully her future classes won’t be as confused.

This assignment, more than anything else, took a lot of time. I didn’t get every single character — just the ones on my professor’s list — but it was still incredibly extensive. I used Kumu, as the assignment requests, and put in everyone according to their race (since that’s the main point of the book). It was really cool to finish all of this data and sit back to see the connections. Major Carteret is connected to everyone in some way, so he is the unintentional center of this diagram, as the circles and lines shift according to where everything is. Seeing this sort of map really helps with understanding the role each character has and what relation they have to those around them.


The Story of the Hour: Daily Create Week 13

This week, we had to do three Daily Creates and then combine them into a story. I ended up doing four (mostly because I really like taking pictures of trees), but this turned out okay considering my first would have been much harder to work into a story.

In the streets of Figueira, Portugal, a couple stood debating their evening plans. The woman, ever the opponent of green foods, refused to eat the last piece of broccoli. The man desperately tried to bribe her into eating it by offering her a reward of ice cream. After much negotiation, the woman eventually ate the broccoli and they went to the ice cream shop on the beach. Afterward, they took a lovely stroll through the town until the sun was setting. On the horizon, they saw two outstanding trees poking out of the other vegetation. The man leaned over to the woman and quietly commented on their beauty. She only replied that they looked like broccoli, and turned to head home.

Honest Grades

Screen Edit

For this assignment, in which we take a website and change its content into a story. I decided to make an “honest grades” page, since the semester is coming to a close and looking at this page is increasingly more vital to surviving. Those assignments on the right bar just know I’ve been putting things off, though. Shame on them. You can find the whole reworked page here.

I have been hunting down each assignment I need to do at this point in the semester (my wall is actually covered in sticky notes), but I still get stressed about what’s happening. So, I thought I would make a relatable story in this assignment. We have so much to do, the grades are piling up, you need to check your professor announcements, and you wonder how you managed to accomplish anything this semester. Hopefully not everyone can relate, but I’ll tell you I’m scrambling.

I used the X-Ray Goggles function to capture the page Canvas and publish it into a new link. Some things on the top bar are covered up by the credits at the top of the page, which is why I made a screenshot on the not-yet-published page instead so you can see those extra little gems.

Are we there yet?

Google Road Trip

This assignment called for a map of a journey that one might take, personal, historical, or ideal. I decided to make it into a personal history of my family (or, more specifically, my mom). Here’s the actual map, but I couldn’t really figure out how to share a whole road trip, so hopefully at least the lines show up like they do in this screenshot. And yeah, we drove every single time, so this is pretty accurate as far as the trip probably went.

My family history is just one long road trip, and I joined in a little less than halfway through. My mom grew up near Trenton, New Jersey, and later her family moved to California, where she met my dad. They got married and had my oldest sister in Orange County. Then, since my dad was going to school to become a chiropractor, they moved to Davenport, Iowa, since that was where his school was. While they were there, my second oldest sister was born. My dad got his license as a doctor and he and my mom decided to move closer to his family back in Utah. Two months before they moved, I was born. Then they settled in Lehi, Utah, where my little sister was born and where I lived for 8 years.

My parents got divorced after I turned 8, and my mom decided she wanted to move back to the East Coast. So, after they sold the house, we packed up and took a summer-long trip to the coast. We went from New Jersey all the way down to Virginia, but I remember Philadelphia the best, so that’s where the map stops. We were in search of a house during this months long road trip, but that just happened to be the same year Hurricane Katrina hit. People were moving north from their tattered homes, and many of the states and towns we were looking at gave them priority housing. At the same time, my grandma was dying in the hospital back in Utah, so we opted to return to that square state and take care of Grandma. We moved into a place in West Jordan, where we stayed for three years while my mom worked on her undergraduate degree and became the first woman in her family to graduate from college. Grandma moved in with us for about a year and got better before moving into her own place again.

When the time came, my mom decided she would pursue graduate school in a university back east. She applied to all kinds of places, with her heart set on the College of William & Mary. She got in, we packed up everything, and took another three day road trip to Virginia, where we set up in a hotel for about three weeks while Mom started school and found a home in a nearby town for us to move into. She got her graduate degree and began working, and we continued to move into a different rented house in the same town for five or six years. Finally, we saved enough money to buy a house, and my mom swears she’s never moving again. One year later, I went to college, but at least there’s always a house to come home to.

I’ve told this story a thousand times, but I like to think about where we started and how we ended up in Virginia. We had moved around so much that my oldest sister started calling us “borderline nomadic,” which is pretty accurate. Putting this story on a map is really cool to see, too! I hadn’t realized we had traveled so many miles to get from one place to another.

Mashup Time: Week 12

This week was busy, but fun! I enjoyed putting together all of my mashup assignments and remixing some old ideas into new ones. And honestly, I really enjoyed putting together my tutorial. I like making things that could be potentially useful to others, and it gave me a chance to remake something that I had previously done!

So here’s the rundown. I made a tutorial on pixel art, remixed my image in an eye and my color-changing landscape, and put together some fun Daily Creates.

For my Mashup assignments, I mixed my radio commercial into a piano scene for three stars, mashed together some songs into a 10 second segment for four stars, edited two iconic movie scenes together for four and a half stars, and made my friends into emojis for four stars. My total star count ended up being 15 1/2 stars. I would have hit the limit after the movie scene assignment, but I was just half a star short of 12. So here’s to earning some brownie point stars for the week!

Finally, of course, I commented on others’ mashups.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Emoji Friends

Friends Smol


These are my dear friends hanging out in the Amphitheater during the first big snow on campus. My roommate Sophia was trying to take pictures of the snow/water on Emma’s glasses, and I was taking pictures of them. Claire joined in for one of the best series of photos I have ever collected. This one was my favorite.

The assignment that inspired this had called for finding an emoji that reflected a friend’s expression. I thought it was pretty simple for a four start assignment, so I decided to kick it up a notch and find some pictures for more than one friend. Then I stumbled on this gem and decided to use it. Claire’s face is absolutely priceless.

I found the left and right emojis on a fun site called iEmoji, which gives you access to a pretty standard set of emojis to use if you’re, say, trying to tweet on your computer and you really need that one emoji. The middle face surfaced thanks to a Google search from my roommate which was apparently just “lol face“, so thanks goes to her to helping me match that expression in the middle. Then I put it all together in Paint.NET, got permission from everyone to post their faces, and here it is. I love my friends.

Graphic Design is not my passion: Daily Create Week 12

This week we only had to do two Daily Creates, so I had to try to express something through emojis and then design something to the power of 4. I’m a little worn out with photo editing, so I tried to make something myself and, well, what’s done is done. Enjoy!

Something’s Different…

Blues Brothers Terminator

This assignment called for subtly mashing together two iconic movie scenes into one image. In order to accomplish this, I took this pileup scene from the Blues Brothers and added in a little Terminator. He’s looking out of one of the upside down cars, biding his time…

I had a bit of a hard time during the preparation of this assignment. I knew I wanted to combine Blues Brothers with Terminator, since both of them have police cars, chase scenes, and driving through buildings. I wanted to use the driving-through-walls shot to swap their cars out, though, and after a quick search into these scenes I realized that the angles of these shots never quite match up. Not only that, but it’s hard to find a good angle of the Terminator in a car because it’s almost always a profile shot of him looking out of the car. So, to speed things up and keep with the subtle theme, I decided to use these profile shot and just put him in one of the cars in the many, many scenes of pileups in the Blues Brothers.