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Turning Tumbleweeds Radio Bumper

This assignment’s radio bumper corresponds with my group’s show, Turning Tumbleweeds. The intention in this clip was to sound more like Danny Keys, the character I will be using within the show, so hopefully my voice came across as deep and different enough to be apart from my own.

I found the background music and wind on Freesound and organized the bumper together in Audacity. Up to this point, I feel like I have made significant progress in making effective audio for assignments. Hopefully I can reflect that while creating my part of the radio show!

Radio Bumper

Here is my radio bumper for DS106 Radio, according to the assignment that asks us to put together something that reminds listeners of what they’re listening to.

I am extremely happy with how this little blip turned out. I think the guitar mixed well with the wind background, and my voice sounds pretty clear (thanks to my re-recording it a hundred times). I took the guitar and wind from Freesound and mixed it together with Audacity. Going with a kind of “electric cowboy” mood, I thought the guitar over a quiet breeze fit well into our western theme. The guitar riffs I found flowed well together, I think. I had originally tried to record the speaking part with my phone using the Soundcloud app, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I switched to recording myself with my computer microphone directly into Audacity instead, which worked out much better. The quality and volume were dramatically better. The bumper is a bit longer than I’d wanted it to be, but I couldn’t manage to cut the guitar down without leaving obvious jumps in it.