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Summer Tutoring!

Summer Tutoring

This assignment was inspired by Carlee’s summer tutoring poster in which her character Bonnie Sue and my Danny Keys teamed up to tutor kids! I decided to put together a narrative story through icons of what the summer program was like! In this story, you can see the horse at the top bringing the kids in to learn writing, reading, math and science, and finally piano before the horses come to take the kids home. Bonnie Sue handles all of the educational tutoring parts while Danny is providing the music. This is the daily run of the summer tutoring sessions as I imagine them.

I found the icons on Noun Project, and all of the credit runs alongside the respective icons. I put the icons together in Paint.Net. This project was fun to make, since I based it off of Carlee’s scenario. I just decided on how each day would go with a series of words and then put those words into the Noun Project database to find the appropriate icons. Once I found them, I tried to cascade them to have a sense of flow, with the piano slightly off kilter to show that it is an almost separate but present part of the tutoring.

Gunsmoke Visualized


This poster came out of an assignment that asked us to make a minimalist TV/Movie poster. Unsure of what to do, I decided to go with something I’ve been enjoying quite a bit lately: Gunsmoke, an old radio show which later got a TV series adaptation.

I made this poster to reflect the Old West idea from the show, the pale background and the gun in the center. I created the work in Paint.Net and found the gun icon on Noun Project. I didn’t pay for the icon, so the credit is listed in the bottom corner of the poster.

Out of the projects I’ve done this week, I think this one has to be my favorite. It turned out the most visually attractive and elegant despite its clear limitations.

An Iconic Movie

One Story Four Icons

This assignment requires us to take a movie and reduce it to four icons that symbolize the major parts of the story. Here are my four icons, but you’ll need to guess what film it is! If you’re stuck, here are some more clues:

  • The movie was released in 1980
  • It is based in Chicago
  • It focuses around a musical genre

Good luck!

The film I chose is one of my all-time favorites, and it has enough symbols within it to easily break down into simple images. I found these icons on the Noun Project website, and in accordance with using them for free, I left the credits underneath their respective pictures. Once I finished collecting them, I organized them in Paint.Net.

I liked doing this project a great deal, thanks to its simplicity in design. Symbols make up our world and help us communicate, and creating a system to express an entire movie was a challenge worthy of doing. Hopefully the symbols I chose are clear enough to get the idea across!

3:10 to Trading Cards

310 to Yuma Card

I made this trading card in accordance with this assignment, which calls for making trading cards based on a movie. I chose 3:10 to Yuma in order to fit it in with the Western theme and because the cinematography works well as compositions for cards. Emmy, on the left, is ignoring the advances of Wade, a rough outlaw who thinks he can win her heart.

This card is organized in a similar layout to the Star Wars ones which were used as an example in the assignment. I compiled the images, words, and textures in Paint.Net.

Unfortunately, despite having a template for this design project, I had to try it out twice. The first time, I was unsatisfied with the composition and decided to loosely base the design on the example cards to have more structure. Even now I am not overwhelmingly pleased with the result of this one, but I worked hard on it so I will happily post it here.

Wanted: Jesse James


Jesse James has always had a special place in my heart as far as outlaws go. Granted, he was a crazy guy and certainly not a saint, but I have done quite a bit of research on him in the past and so I feel a sort of acquaintance with his questionable character. He would do just about anything for the benefit of himself and his gang. So, naturally, I decided to make a wanted poster of him based on this assignment.

I tried to apply the reading we had this week to this poster, ensuring that it was a standard size according to the limits suggested by the book and that the lettering on the page was pleasing and spatially appealing. I used a color base and a texture under the content to give the image more depth and variety. The photo itself is not the highest quality, but there’s only so much to do with photographs as old as this one. Everything was organized and finished in Paint.Net.

This was a cool project to do. It was kind of simple, but a good start for practicing design. I think the poster came out looking decent for all intents and purposes. If I did it again, I would probably make it more rustic-looking and make the file smaller in general.

Dances with Wild Wild Wolves


What would Dances with Wolves look like if it were like The Wild Wild West show? A little more drawn and patriotic, probably. The design assignment for this project asks for a comic-style creation of scenes from a Western, which should look drawn like the show’s cutscenes.

I chose to use Dances with Wolves because it is one of my favorite movies and its scenes are iconic in many different ways. I had no trouble finding the pictures to fit the graphic image. I also decided to mimic the setup of the cutscenes of The Wild Wild West, more or less to see if I could recreate the drawings digitally. Here’s the original image:


The show’s version has a more watercolor feel, but I wasn’t sure how exactly to manage that without better editing and digital drawing skills. Still, my finished product came out to represent my subject fairly well. I enjoyed using the composition of the borders and flag, as well as the different scenes within each panel to repurpose the images I took from the movie.

I used Paint.Net to edit the photos and compose the panels. The sketchy features were also added in Paint.Net. All of the work was done digitally.