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Summer Tutoring!

Summer Tutoring

This assignment was inspired by Carlee’s summer tutoring poster in which her character Bonnie Sue and my Danny Keys teamed up to tutor kids! I decided to put together a narrative story through icons of what the summer program was like! In this story, you can see the horse at the top bringing the kids in to learn writing, reading, math and science, and finally piano before the horses come to take the kids home. Bonnie Sue handles all of the educational tutoring parts while Danny is providing the music. This is the daily run of the summer tutoring sessions as I imagine them.

I found the icons on Noun Project, and all of the credit runs alongside the respective icons. I put the icons together in Paint.Net. This project was fun to make, since I based it off of Carlee’s scenario. I just decided on how each day would go with a series of words and then put those words into the Noun Project database to find the appropriate icons. Once I found them, I tried to cascade them to have a sense of flow, with the piano slightly off kilter to show that it is an almost separate but present part of the tutoring.