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Big Lessons

I created this video in accordance with this assignment, which calls for you to take the audio of a film and put it over a video clip of a different movie while somehow relating them. I decided to put a little twist on this mashup by incorporating my character into this assignment. I took my radio commercial and put it over this clip from the movie Big as a means of sticking to the piano theme that Danny Keys has.

This assignment gave me a lot of unnecessary trouble. I recorded the video with OBS, although the video I used to record from was fairly low quality. After converting the video, I think the quality decreased even more. I then tried to edit it in Windows Movie Maker and the file was corrupt. So, I had to do the aforementioned process all over again. The second time it worked flawlessly and my video loaded up without any errors (although the quality leaves something to be desired).

I wanted to make this video something related to Danny as well as reuse some of my old content, so I went through my character-related posts and this one was the easiest to integrate into one of the mashup assignments. I’d like to reuse some more of the material we have created in this course, so hopefully I’ll be able to think of other ways to use the assignments to my advantage!