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Keeping up with the News

Tonight I listened into “World Wide Western News” and “You Might Be a Cowboy If…”. I’m going to reflect on the first one for this post, but I want to congratulate both groups for making such cool shows!

“WWW News” had my attention right away when it started, coming in with cool introductory music that sounded just like a radio show! The introduction also mentioned Tombstone Arizona, which is where “Turning Tumbleweeds”, our murder mystery, takes place! So maybe Thursday we’ll need more news to report on whatever happened. All throughout the show the audio was spot-on. It really put you in the moment of what was happening in the news and where the newscasters were!

The commercials were also excellent and engaging. They sounded real! Some of them had a bit of a rough start, but the quality and content of them made up for that right away. I’m ready to buy some cards and barb wire, honestly. The news stories also had good references in them and the reporters sounded really professional.


I think my favorite part of the show was tweeting with everyone who was listening in, though. Talking with the people who had made it was even more engaging. I learned that quite a few cookies were involved and people even outside of the group participated, which was really cool! The real question remains, though: how many segments were recorded with more than one person present and how many were spliced together? Because it’s hard to tell, really.

Congrats to the group who worked on “WWW News”! It was really fun to listen in and hear everyone’s hard work on the radio.