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Seaside Diptych

Diptych Design

I created this diptych as a means of remixing an assignment which has you change the color/hue of a photo to make it look surreal. The remix I got for this assignment was “Media Bender:”

“Change up the media for the original assignment- take a video assignment into audio or design.”

I chose this assignment because I had already done it and so had a base to use for remixing. The prompt led to a few interesting ideas, but I decided that if I have to wait for my computer to process anymore videos then I won’t be finishing this week on time. So I took more of a design route for this remix.

While working on the original assignment, I kept thinking about Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych, his most famous art piece in which he used a silk screen to alter the colors of an image and recreate it into a series of colorful renditions. I decided to do something similar on Paint.NET by changing the picture’s hue to several new colors. Then I went a bit further and searched through the different effects that this program has until I found some that I liked and that made the picture look different and new. Once I had 11 new versions of this image, I put them together on a grid and organized them into a cascade of colors, fading into black and white, and eventually falling into sketches.

Oceans Away

Color Change

This assignment prompted you to change the hue of a photo to make a new world. This photo came out surprisingly well when I altered the hue. The original colors were so clearly defined that the new ones blended in as though they were natural to the scene. So, once I chose this color scheme to use, I decided it looked something like the skies of another planet, the shores of an island millions of miles away. Perhaps the greenish-yellow waters erode away rocks that eventually grow pale upon their exposure to their home star. The purple trees on this island are just a part of the vegetation that feeds the lives that thrive on the planet. It’s a surreal world.

In order to create this image, I took an old photo of my own and changed the hue level in paint.NET. Here’s the original:

blue skies over a little rocky harbor

This activity was fairly simple and quite enjoyable. Once you’ve found a picture that has a smooth color transition in the hue change, you can find something truly beautiful. I took some time figuring out what hue I wanted; they ranged from red waters and blue rocks to green rocks and orange waters. I didn’t want it to look too eerie, so I went with a milder purple and yellow-green color scheme. It reminds me of what a world might look like with a different atmosphere, and so I thought it might look better than a suspiciously red sea.

I love how the colors turned out, and again, I am deeply surprised by how smoothly the hue changed overall. With such a simple tweak, I managed to create a whole different island.