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Making the Movie: Week 10

This week we started working on video. After reading and watching our material for background, I applied what I learned to a scene from Django Unchained. I then completed one assignment, in which I played a game for the camera. I also got some good Daily Creates this week, from memes to Etch-A-Sketches.

Most importantly, however, I started collaborating with a group to make a video show and made a trailer. I’m really excited about how it’s going to look, so I hope you are, too! I’m beginning to develop a weird affinity toward digital group projects. Most of the week was dedicated toward planning and communicating, and next week we will be shooting and completing the final project!

And, of course, I made some comments.

Memes. Week 10 Daily Creates

This week I made yet another meme. I have made many memes for this class. I also did an “Itch A Skitch” of a cowboy in a little town. Don’t shake your screen — you might erase it!