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Filming, Editing, Uploading, Oh My: Week 11

This week my group got together and finished our video show¬†“College is a Rodeo”. It took a lot of effort and many hours, but it’s finally done! It shows what our characters would do if they went to college here at UMW. Here’s the final cut:

You can check out our progress through my video progress summaries. In addition to this video I made some Daily Creates, from March Madness to inventions to surreal landscapes.

And, of course, I took the time to watch and comment on others’ videos. They all look really great! Congrats to everyone who put in all the work necessary this week to create such cool works.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

In a World… Daily Create Week 11

This week, I had to define March Madness, invent a Wile E. Coyote trap, and create a surreal scene out of Monument Valley.