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Mashup Time: Week 12

This week was busy, but fun! I enjoyed putting together all of my mashup assignments and remixing some old ideas into new ones. And honestly, I really enjoyed putting together my tutorial. I like making things that could be potentially useful to others, and it gave me a chance to remake something that I had previously done!

So here’s the rundown. I made a tutorial on pixel art, remixed my image in an eye and my color-changing landscape, and put together some fun Daily Creates.

For my Mashup assignments, I mixed my radio commercial into a piano scene for three stars, mashed together some songs into a 10 second segment for four stars, edited two iconic movie scenes together for four and a half stars, and made my friends into emojis for four stars. My total star count ended up being 15 1/2 stars. I would have hit the limit after the movie scene assignment, but I was just half a star short of 12. So here’s to earning some brownie point stars for the week!

Finally, of course, I commented on others’ mashups.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Graphic Design is not my passion: Daily Create Week 12

This week we only had to do two Daily Creates, so I had to try to express something through emojis and then design something to the power of 4. I’m a little worn out with photo editing, so I tried to make something myself and, well, what’s done is done. Enjoy!