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Do These, Danny Keys! The Final Project


This was a really great project to finish the semester off with, and I have a couple more components to add in, but hopefully everyone enjoys! Please give it a look and let me know what you think!

Since this is my last project, and I want to fully develop each part of the story, I’m going to give you a rundown of what each piece of the project was and what its assignment equivalent ended up being. Here goes:

Writing a Story through Inklewriter (Web): 4 1/2 Stars

Make a Poster (Design): 4 Stars

Reverse Audio Quiz (Audio): 3 1/2 Stars

Make up a Theme (Audio): 4 1/2 Stars

Your Future (Writing): 3 Stars

An Alternate Life (Writing): 3 Stars

Color Isolation (Visual): 3 1/2 Stars

Story Timeline (Visual): 3 1/2 Stars

The overall project accounted for 29 1/2 stars!

As a final note, I just want to thank everyone in this class for being so awesome this semester. Being so involved in so much creativity and making projects with other people was a ton of fun. And thank you, Dr. Bond, for being so helpful and supportive this semester as we tried to figure everything out. Have a great summer!

Making Progress in Sound

I spent a good chunk of this weekend writing like mad, but I sat down and got some audio work done, as well. I was really excited to put together some more sound clips (since that has definitely been my favorite thing to do so far this semester), and I have officially completed that portion of the story. Honestly I just want to share this with you right now, I’m so pleased with what came out. But I’ll refrain for the time being. (It’s on my Soundcloud if you’re really curious, though.)

The assignments that I used for these audio pieces came up to a grand total of 8 stars, but for the sake of spoilers I’m not going to say which assignments they are. I plan on posting all of that information as soon as the whole project is done and published. Stay tuned!