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Week 5: The Wind Calls

This week was filled with learning. I started off by reflecting on what I knew and what I had yet to learn. I also put out some ideas for the midterm. Then I participated in a tweet-along and gleaned some information on what a radio show used to sound like versus a newer one like “Moon Graffiti”.

I did my daily creates for the week, from mapping to stamping to making up sayings, and compiled them all into their own post.

I worked on learning about audio through the sound effects story, the radio bumper, and a westernized reading of “The Raven”. Since the sound effects story counted for three and a half stars out of the eight I had to do, I chose to have a conversation with myself for another four stars and read an overdramatic monologue for two and a half stars, finishing off the week with a grand total of ten stars. While most of my assignments had to do with speaking and editing, I made sure to incorporate how to make ambiance in a story and put sound effects behind actions.

And last but certainly not least, I commented, commented, and commented some more. I’m not sure I collected all of them (I forgot to grab links for some) but I tried to not be shy in communicating with others.

I had a lot of fun this week, and I learned a ton about audio. I was surprised by the end of it when I could throw together ambiance and time it well on the last project. The projects and assignments we had made a huge impact on my audio editing skills.