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Designing the Scene

This week was full of designs! In order to get started, I reflected on the Vignelli Canon of good design practices. I then used what I learned to interpret Western design and the making of today’s logos.

Once I finished reading and analyzing, I put it to the test through my own assignments. I created a Wanted poster of Jesse James for my chosen assignment. I then worked on my 10 star’s worth of assignments by making a trading card (4 1/2 stars), telling a movie through icons (3), and creating a minimalist poster (3 1/2), totaling this week’s star count at 11.

My Daily Creates can be found here. I got to caption an old painting, GIF an excited dog, and choose my preferred mode of transportation in the West.

This week finishes off the first half of the semester, before the midterm begins. Good luck to everyone!