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Get Ready to Tumble: Week 7

This week was all about preparation. I organized with my groupmates for the radio show and we began discussing ideas, character interactions, and contributions. A run-down of what we discussed is in my radio show update.  Once we agreed on a title, I made a poster for the show.

Aside from the initial radio show business, I did a series of audio assignments. I whistled a tune and told a spooky story, each of which were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 stars respectively. Then, in an attempt to find my character’s voice, I created a radio bumper and commercial for the show. The bumper was 3 1/2 stars, the commercial 4 stars. I counted these two as my character-based assignments, as I experimented with voice acting during my recording of them. Overall I did 11 1/2 stars worth of assignments (although to be honest, some of the star ratings have been fluctuating over the week so the values might have changed since this post went live).

I also did my series of Daily Creates this week, from telling the time to making an audio adventure to misquoting cowgirls.

And finally, I commented on my classmates’ posts and progress. Everything the class is doing for their radio shows is very interesting, and I’m incredibly pleased with how my group’s work has come along. I can’t wait to make our show a reality!