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Week 4: Shot ‘Em

This week was all about photography, and boy was it an eventful one.

I started off learning about the ins and outs of photography and how to be patient and observant. I applied what I learned through the film I chose to watch and a Photoblitz challenge. Of course, the applications didn’t stop there, as I picked apart a saddle bag and wrote a story to a beautiful photo. I then tried my own hand at looking cool in an attempt to repeat the cinematography that has become iconic over the ages. In my own chosen assignments, I altered the hue of an island coast and looked into the eye of my character, Danny Keys. Each assignment was two and a half and four stars, respectively, totaling in six and a half stars for the week.

My Daily Creates consisted of finding a glass’ contents, drawing cacti blind, and making important choices.

And finally, I made sure to comment on other people’s blogs.

I admit, I didn’t pace myself the way a cowboy might need to this week, but when you’re at full gallop, it’s hard to see when you need to slow down.


Week 3: Tell us a Story

This week was filled with what I would consider to be my strength out of our semester’s media: writing. I’ve always loved writing stories, and I enjoy writing about other stories, too. Picking apart the meanings of other people’s writings is both a pastime and a part-time job for me, so this week was a ton of fun for me.

For starters, I read and wrote about two of the stories we needed to read, comparing their similarities and differences. Then, according to Vonnegut’s plotline system, I drew out the line for one of the stories. Finally, I made a character to help out with this semester’s work: a man who goes by the name of Danny Keys. I think we’ll work well together.

Out of the list of assignments required of us for this week, I decided to write a letter to my younger self. I then chose a few other prompts to get the requisite six stars for the week. The first one involved writing a bad ending for a Choose Your Adventure narrative, which amounted to two stars. The second was a misleading TV Guide blurb about a movie, which was two and a half stars. The final one was a background story for my new character, Danny Keys. That final assignment gave me three stars, allowing my total to be seven and a half stars. I really enjoyed doing all of these writing assignments, even though a couple wound up being rushed near the end.

I reorganized my menu for the website, making it easier to shuffle through my posts and assignments. I think it looks pretty good so far, but I’ll be sure to add more tabs with whatever extra content goes up.

Finally, my daily creates consisted of cowboy caution signs, poems, and old Western sayings, all of which were fun learning experiences in their own right. I really like making GIFs.

I can’t wait to see what next week brings down the trail!

Week 1: Hardy Introductions

This week was filled with grasping at what this course is about. I spent most of my time pondering what I should do for each social media aspect — Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, soundcloud, and the very subject of the course — and didn’t save too much time putting down what I was picking up along the way, which led to a bit of a rocky start. I built a website, which is subject to go through many, many other changes before the end of this semester; I have a barren YouTube channel, which will get some videos soon; and a few tweets, as well as some photos of trees that I thought looked kind of cool.

Barren trees

I read the articles that were assigned and perused through some of the films offered to us, and I admit I was surprised by the sheer depth of ideology and themes within Western film. Like many others, I took the genre as little more than cowboys and saloons and bandits, but the real, thoughtful stories and characters in these classic films show much more than they get credit for. Hopefully we can capture at least the essence of such in-depth storytelling as the Western producers and actors had created in the past.

Next week the real work begins! I really can’t wait to see what comes out of it.