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Run For It

You manage to sidestep all six shots from Six Shooter Sam and bust out of the saloon doors. Johnny pauses to reload his gun, and you make a break for it across the dusty road. Good thing you didn’t try to shoot, since you’ve just now remembered that you forgot to bring any bullets with you today. The sun is bright in your eyes and it’s hard for you to navigate through the streets. Still, you make your way past some buildings right as more bullets come flying at you. His shots still ring in your ears as you trip over some bar or something, which sends you tumbling to the ground. Before you know it, a horn is roaring at you, the ground rattles, and you shade your eyes to find a rapidly approaching train just feet away from you.

Suddenly you remember that, in fact, you had loaded your gun before leaving the house this morning. If it’s any consolation, you probably would have missed anyway.


I love choose your adventure narratives, so when I found this prompt I definitely didn’t want to pass up the chance of writing my own bit. The prompt only requires you to write a “bad path” ending, but thinking about the rest of the narrative was still necessary and no less challenging. I wanted to make this story western-themed, so of course it’s about a show-down in a saloon. The character you’re playing had just gotten into a squabble with a notorious gunslinger, Six Shooter Sam. Your only options were to either try your hand at shooting at him or try to run. The fun (and mostly frustrating) thing about these kinds of stories is that they often wind up unlikely or absurd, going against what might actually be logical. I mean, why would you try to shoot a gunslinger who is probably quicker than you are? The logical thing to do is run, but perhaps Sam isn’t that great with a gun after all and secretly you should have tried to outshoot him. It’s silly and ridiculous, but that just goes with the theme of the game genre.