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Planet Sabotage?

Tired of the army, a soldier escapes with one of the prisoners and teams up with a warrior and her robot to destroy a planet.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


This prompt was super fun to think about. What would a movie look like if it was only given one sentence of description, and that sentence was horribly misconstrued? Originally, I wanted to make this blurb western-themed, but going for a more recent and widely known film sounded more appealing in the end. After lots of speculation, I decided to go with the latest addition to the Star Wars films, since so many people have seen it and the references would be easier to get. A lot more happened in the movie than a group of misfits going to destroy a planet, but once you remove the context the whole plotline sounds like a terrible idea, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Despite my final blurb being so small, I spent a lot of time making sure it sounded right. I took the time to pick out the right words so it would flow like a brief movie description as opposed to a joke. The exercise here came with a lot of word choice and brevity practice. Making a short joke that sounds entirely serious is a writing task worth spending more than a few minutes on. Hopefully it sounds convincing enough!