I’ll be honest, I got a little more excited than I should have to see this. When I found out that Kris had updated his Western106 Buzzfeed quiz, I immediately went in search of Danny to see if he made the cut. And he did! It took me no time to answer the questions as Danny might have to find him (first try!) and this final blurb on my character made me grin like crazy.

Kris, thank you for making this quiz! I can tell you really did your research, and it brightens my day to see that you’ve put so much effort into finding stuff on everyone’s character and reading into each personality. And to everyone else, make sure you take the quiz yourself! It’s very well done, so find who you’re most like, and maybe try to find your character, too! I was most like Bonnie Sue, myself.

Thanks again to Kris for making this happen!

One thought on “YOU GOT DANNY KEYS

  1. I am glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for helping to spread the word. It was actually pretty fun trying to get into the head of each of the characters I included, and it makes it even better when the creators of those characters approve of how I interpreted them. When I answered the questions honestly, I got Danny “Keys.” Too bad I don’t have any musical talent, but at least I can make an entertaining buzzfeed quiz.

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