Week 1: Hardy Introductions

This week was filled with grasping at what this course is about. I spent most of my time pondering what I should do for each social media aspect — Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, soundcloud, and the very subject of the course — and didn’t save too much time putting down what I was picking up along the way, which led to a bit of a rocky start. I built a website, which is subject to go through many, many other changes before the end of this semester; I have a barren YouTube channel, which will get some videos soon; and a few tweets, as well as some photos of trees that I thought looked kind of cool.

Barren trees

I read the articles that were assigned and perused through some of the films offered to us, and I admit I was surprised by the sheer depth of ideology and themes within Western film. Like many others, I took the genre as little more than cowboys and saloons and bandits, but the real, thoughtful stories and characters in these classic films show much more than they get credit for. Hopefully we can capture at least the essence of such in-depth storytelling as the Western producers and actors had created in the past.

Next week the real work begins! I really can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

One thought on “Week 1: Hardy Introductions

  1. The Blue Virginian sky is as blue as the Kansas Sky. And I know of trees over there.
    The myths and values in these western movies (and books) are very different from the friendly adventures little stories they seem to be. You are right.

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