3:10 to Trading Cards

310 to Yuma Card

I made this trading card in accordance with this assignment, which calls for making trading cards based on a movie. I chose 3:10 to Yuma in order to fit it in with the Western theme and because the cinematography works well as compositions for cards. Emmy, on the left, is ignoring the advances of Wade, a rough outlaw who thinks he can win her heart.

This card is organized in a similar layout to the Star Wars ones which were used as an example in the assignment. I compiled the images, words, and textures in Paint.Net.

Unfortunately, despite having a template for this design project, I had to try it out twice. The first time, I was unsatisfied with the composition and decided to loosely base the design on the example cards to have more structure. Even now I am not overwhelmingly pleased with the result of this one, but I worked hard on it so I will happily post it here.

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