An Iconic Movie

One Story Four Icons

This assignment requires us to take a movie and reduce it to four icons that symbolize the major parts of the story. Here are my four icons, but you’ll need to guess what film it is! If you’re stuck, here are some more clues:

  • The movie was released in 1980
  • It is based in Chicago
  • It focuses around a musical genre

Good luck!

The film I chose is one of my all-time favorites, and it has enough symbols within it to easily break down into simple images. I found these icons on the Noun Project website, and in accordance with using them for free, I left the credits underneath their respective pictures. Once I finished collecting them, I organized them in Paint.Net.

I liked doing this project a great deal, thanks to its simplicity in design. Symbols make up our world and help us communicate, and creating a system to express an entire movie was a challenge worthy of doing. Hopefully the symbols I chose are clear enough to get the idea across!

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