Dances with Wild Wild Wolves


What would Dances with Wolves look like if it were like The Wild Wild West show? A little more drawn and patriotic, probably. The design assignment for this project asks for a comic-style creation of scenes from a Western, which should look drawn like the show’s cutscenes.

I chose to use Dances with Wolves because it is one of my favorite movies and its scenes are iconic in many different ways. I had no trouble finding the pictures to fit the graphic image. I also decided to mimic the setup of the cutscenes of The Wild Wild West, more or less to see if I could recreate the drawings digitally. Here’s the original image:


The show’s version has a more watercolor feel, but I wasn’t sure how exactly to manage that without better editing and digital drawing skills. Still, my finished product came out to represent my subject fairly well. I enjoyed using the composition of the borders and flag, as well as the different scenes within each panel to repurpose the images I took from the movie.

I used Paint.Net to edit the photos and compose the panels. The sketchy features were also added in Paint.Net. All of the work was done digitally.

One thought on “Dances with Wild Wild Wolves

  1. Brilliantly done! It may not have the hand-drawn feel of The Wild Wild West animation, but you made it more graphic than photographic, which was the idea.

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