Dorothy and Madeline

This little conversation was inspired by an assignment that had you record a conversation with yourself. I chose to do a sort of grandmother-in-law and granddaughter-in-law phonecall based around a scene reminiscent of the Old West and old world views. In this phonecall the two women argue about Madeline’s role as a woman and their summer plans.

This project was a cool way to get into characters and battle it out in a conversation I’m sure too many women were having at the time. I wrote the script myself and recorded the dialogue in Audacity. Afterward, I added in the phone sounds and some page-turning noises (although they didn’t get through very well in the finished project). The hardest part was certainly pretending to be two different people and maintaining accents and pitch. I did each person all in one go and then spliced it together into dialogue (so I could have the two characters talking over each other), but I had to do quite a few takes of the lines anyway. It certainly doesn’t sound professional, but I’m proud of it otherwise.

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