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Friends Smol


These are my dear friends hanging out in the Amphitheater during the first big snow on campus. My roommate Sophia was trying to take pictures of the snow/water on Emma’s glasses, and I was taking pictures of them. Claire joined in for one of the best series of photos I have ever collected. This one was my favorite.

The assignment that inspired this had called for finding an emoji that reflected a friend’s expression. I thought it was pretty simple for a four start assignment, so I decided to kick it up a notch and find some pictures for more than one friend. Then I stumbled on this gem and decided to use it. Claire’s face is absolutely priceless.

I found the left and right emojis on a fun site called iEmoji, which gives you access to a pretty standard set of emojis to use if you’re, say, trying to tweet on your computer and you really need that one emoji. The middle face surfaced thanks to a Google search from my roommate which was apparently just “lol face“, so thanks goes to her to helping me match that expression in the middle. Then I put it all together in Paint.NET, got permission from everyone to post their faces, and here it is. I love my friends.

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