Honest Grades

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For this assignment, in which we take a website and change its content into a story. I decided to make an “honest grades” page, since the semester is coming to a close and looking at this page is increasingly more vital to surviving. Those assignments on the right bar just know I’ve been putting things off, though. Shame on them. You can find the whole reworked page here.

I have been hunting down each assignment I need to do at this point in the semester (my wall is actually covered in sticky notes), but I still get stressed about what’s happening. So, I thought I would make a relatable story in this assignment. We have so much to do, the grades are piling up, you need to check your professor announcements, and you wonder how you managed to accomplish anything this semester. Hopefully not everyone can relate, but I’ll tell you I’m scrambling.

I used the X-Ray Goggles function to capture the page Canvas and publish it into a new link. Some things on the top bar are covered up by the credits at the top of the page, which is why I made a screenshot on the not-yet-published page instead so you can see those extra little gems.

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