Mapping Stories

This assignment asked that  you take some story or situation and create a map for everyone involved. I decided to take this opportunity to map out a book that I had to read for my American Realism class called The Marrow of Tradition. It’s a really good book, and I highly recommend anyone read it if they’re interested. The biggest problem with the book was the large amount of characters involved. Many things are happening all at once throughout the course of the events, and everyone is related to everyone else somehow. So, I decided to take advantage of this assignment and finally map out the characters according to a list that my professor had given us to help in our reading. I’m going to send this link to the professor, too, so hopefully her future classes won’t be as confused.

This assignment, more than anything else, took a lot of time. I didn’t get every single character — just the ones on my professor’s list — but it was still incredibly extensive. I used Kumu, as the assignment requests, and put in everyone according to their race (since that’s the main point of the book). It was really cool to finish all of this data and sit back to see the connections. Major Carteret is connected to everyone in some way, so he is the unintentional center of this diagram, as the circles and lines shift according to where everything is. Seeing this sort of map really helps with understanding the role each character has and what relation they have to those around them.


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