Name These Songs

For this assignment, I mashed together five songs into a 10 second slot. The real challenge is for you guys to name all of the songs (and artists)! Some of them should be pretty easy, but let’s see if you can get all of them!

This project was a lot of fun to make. I have become very fond of working with audio over the course of this semester, since it’s pretty easy to edit and rework. I downloaded most of these songs from YouTube using the MP3 Converter and uploaded them into Audacity, where I cut them down to fit in the requisite 10 seconds.

I tried to make the audio flow together pretty well, although most of these songs come from very different styles (except two, which I think will probably be the easiest to guess). I also went with kind of a theme to make the track make sense, which is pretty evident in the clip. So, while you should try to name the songs, also try to name the artists that go with each part! That makes it a little tougher. Have fun!

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