OFF to Play: My Favorite Thing to Do

This is a short video of me just playing one of my favorite games, OFF, in accordance with this assignment which asks us to show what our favorite thing to do is. Incidentally, I’m not really that big on gaming, but I spend a whole lot of time watching YouTube and gaming channels. I figured seeing me watching a video for thirty seconds would be kind of terrible, though, so I decided to be one of the YouTubers instead and do some of my own recording.

Over the course of a thirty minute video, I essentially explained all of this, but I’m not very well versed in talking into a computer so everything ran really slow and I was getting tired of hearing my own voice. Instead, I picked all of the good parts out and just condensed the gaming side of it for the sake of making the video watchable.

I used OBS to record the game, Audacity to record the audio, and Windows Movie Maker to combine and edit the two. It took a long time to get through all thirty minutes and cut out the dead air, and the audio turned out to be pretty quiet behind the game, but hopefully you can still hear it!

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