Piano Lessons

This radio commercial came out of an assignment that requested the creation of a commercial advertising a product we would like others to know about. In order to work this into my group’s radio show, I made a commercial for my character, Danny Keys, whose only real goods and services is his piano-playing. So, I figured who doesn’t like a good piano lesson?

I may have cheated with the audio a bit on this project. Instead of compiling audio from Freesound, I went ahead and used an audio clip from Purple Planet, which has royalty free music available for free download and usage with the appropriate credit. The background music in this commercial is their “Piano Bar” composition, which was too perfect to pass up for this assignment. I would love to be able to make this kind of musical mix at some point, but for now I thought it would just be more productive to use the resources available to me. The composition was layered with the spoken piece in Audacity.

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