Radio Bumper

Here is my radio bumper for DS106 Radio, according to the assignment that asks us to put together something that reminds listeners of what they’re listening to.

I am extremely happy with how this little blip turned out. I think the guitar mixed well with the wind background, and my voice sounds pretty clear (thanks to my re-recording it a hundred times). I took the guitar and wind from Freesound and mixed it together with Audacity. Going with a kind of “electric cowboy” mood, I thought the guitar over a quiet breeze fit well into our western theme. The guitar riffs I found flowed well together, I think. I had originally tried to record the speaking part with my phone using the Soundcloud app, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I switched to recording myself with my computer microphone directly into Audacity instead, which worked out much better. The quality and volume were dramatically better. The bumper is a bit longer than I’d wanted it to be, but I couldn’t manage to cut the guitar down without leaving obvious jumps in it.

2 thoughts on “Radio Bumper

  1. Not that I had spent anytime looking, but your post and mention of saved me whatever time I would have spent looking around for non copyrighted sounds to use for my audio files for the week. Other than that, I basically used the same method as you. I don’t know if you tried or now, but you might have been able to fade the guitar bit at the end to cut it without making it sound chopped.

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