Saddle Bags


This assignment asked us to show what’s in our character’s bag. My character, Danny Keys, has an interesting assortment of items. He keeps a messenger bag on him at all times, just in case he needs anything out of it. In this old thing typically lies a little notebook and pen, for any notes or sketches or what-have-you that you need some paper for. Next, he has a comb – for grooming purposes, of course. Just in case. He’s got keys for his home, money for when he’s out, and sunflower seeds to snack on when he’s hungry.

He also keeps a couple sheets of blank sheet music on him, in the event that he runs into a tune he doesn’t quite know yet. He makes lead sheets for himself when there’s something new to play.

I had to run around and find a lot of different props for this prompt. I don’t keep blank sheet music of my own, but luckily I knew a friend who had some. The rest of the belongings were my own, knowing that Danny would need them for himself. It’s like packing a bag for your kid before they go out.

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