Turning Tumbleweeds Radio Bumper

This assignment’s radio bumper corresponds with my group’s show, Turning Tumbleweeds. The intention in this clip was to sound more like Danny Keys, the character I will be using within the show, so hopefully my voice came across as deep and different enough to be apart from my own.

I found the background music and wind on Freesound and organized the bumper together in Audacity. Up to this point, I feel like I have made significant progress in making effective audio for assignments. Hopefully I can reflect that while creating my part of the radio show!

3 thoughts on “Turning Tumbleweeds Radio Bumper

  1. Sounds good! I agree with you that by completing this week’s audio assignments it has helped me become more familiar with audacity. Which is going to help put together the radio show!

  2. That was a really excellent bumper, as the person above said, it actually seemed pretty professional. The music definitly seemed fitting of the theme and reminded me of one of those cold case or bullshit paranormal tv shows that always have ‘spooky’ music bumpers. Very nice.

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