You Feelin’ Lucky?

Dirty Harry Impersonation

“You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Dirty Harry is a classic. So is Clint Eastwood in general, honestly. You gotta love the guy. Cowboy to ruthless cop, he’s the man who gets the job done.

I chose to complete this assignment more or less so I could dress up and pretend to be an angry ’70s cop. Hopefully I got my intended result! Here’s the original picture:


Dressing up took a bit of effort, as I’m lacking a red sweater vest and gray blazer, but I decided to take what I had to try out the look. While I was getting everything ready, I realized that my hair does something similar to Harry’s when it’s just dried and blown back. The hardest part was posing and getting the shot right; I had to set up the camera myself and take about a hundred photos until I realized how I should be positioned. But after I shifted around in front of a camera a whole bunch, I finally got a couple of good shots.

I realized while doing this how much effort getting a shot as iconic as this is. I wonder how long the actual cinematography took to make Dirty Harry look so cool (because the wrong angle definitely can make your head look too small next to your finger gun). I really appreciate cameramen in films a lot more now.

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