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Story Map for Do These, Danny Keys!

As the final piece of my “Do These, Danny Keys” story project, I opted to make a map that shows all of the possibilities within the story. Each large dot is a section, each green one is a choice you can make within the story, and each orange dot is one of the assignments I created for this project, or a “Find” that you can stumble on as you’re reading.

I made this map as a means of helping you make sure you got everything, since choose your own adventure stories tend to leave the readers in a loop sometimes. Did you really see everything? Will you know until you’ve been playing and reading the same things over and over again for two straight hours? Well, now you don’t need to worry. Once you think you’ve gotten everything, you can check back here and follow the lines to confirm. Enjoy!

This story map is an assignment itself, worth 3 1/2 stars.


Dear Future DS106ers…

As my semester in this class winds down, I think it’s important to go back and reflect. My experience in DS106 was incredibly fun, although I definitely could have done some things differently.

You can learn a lot in this class, so long as you take the time to sit down and prepare for each week before, say, the Friday it’s due. It is a very busy class. Very busy. But if you prepare the weekend you get your assignments and set up everything first thing, all will go smoothly. If you make a list of everything you need to do, from the number of Daily Creates to readings, reflections, and assignments, then you will be fine. If you know you’re going to be really busy during a particular week, just prepare for the worst, pick easy assignments, and do them as quickly as possible.

Renting equipment from the HCC Information Desk for video/audio assignments will make your life a lot easier. It’s better quality, easier to use and adjust, and hardly ever at risk of getting corrupt. Just make sure you’ve planned what you need to record before you get the equipment and that you return it before it’s due! The fees are pretty steep otherwise. Also, record everything early in the week so you have time to edit it and make sure it doesn’t need re-doing.

And finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help! Dr. Bond is quick to respond to emails and tweets, and you’d be surprised what kinds of skills your classmates bring to the table. You may never meet anyone in person, but Twitter is a really easy way to keep in touch (just make sure you’re actually checking up on it every now and again).

Good luck, and have a great semester!

Five Years From Now

Danny Keys tells us what his plans are in “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you haven’t gotten the chance to ask him there, he’ll tell you here! This was prompted by this assignment, worth 3 stars.

Where will I be in five years?

Here, hopefully. I love this town, moreso than any others I’ve been to so far. It’s small and friendly, but used to strangers. Someone new comes around every now and then and just settles in, never leaves. I’ve moved around more than a couple times each year since I left New York, but I stopped in this town and haven’t picked myself up to leave in almost two years now.

Of course, Johnny’s death hasn’t made that any easier. I hate always bringing it up, but I pass by his old saloon every now and again and I wonder if I had stuck around if he hadn’t opened that door to me. I hope losing him hurts less in the future, wherever I am.

I will stay here, though. I’ve already decided that. It’ll take a hurricane in Arizona to take me away from this place.

An Alternate Life

What would Danny Keys do in an alternate life? You might have asked him when playing the game “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you didn’t, he’ll tell you here. This was made based on this assignment, worth 3 stars.

That’s a tough one, honestly. I like myself pretty well. Although… if there was one chance I could change my life, I might have liked to have been born here, out West. I had a good family in New York, but I like to think I would be more satisfied with my life if I had started here. I would be established in a town like the people out here are. I would have friends who knew me and who I knew just as completely. Maybe I would even have a family by now! Oh, if only.

If I were born in the West, I wouldn’t be classically trained in piano, but I’d be better for it. I’d have some freedoms in playing piano, which certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. I would be in a saloon all my life, playing a dusty old set of keys, a cigarette lit up and the room hazy. I’d learn to read, of course, but my ears would be all I needed to play. No sheet music to worry about, no memorizing sonatas and concertos. I would be where I belonged.

I would grow up with people I’d known all my life, have close friends who knew everything about everything. The world would be a small place, and I would have my own little corner of it. I’d find the love of my life before I even realized it, and we would be together for the rest of our days. I wouldn’t be a stranger in that town, and even if we left, we’d have each other and a home to come back to.

That’s the ideal, anyway. I know as well as anyone else out here that it doesn’t always happen like that. And I’ve gotten used to blending in, so maybe one day I can settle in like I never was anywhere else. I believe it could happen.

Do These, Danny Keys! The Final Project


This was a really great project to finish the semester off with, and I have a couple more components to add in, but hopefully everyone enjoys! Please give it a look and let me know what you think!

Since this is my last project, and I want to fully develop each part of the story, I’m going to give you a rundown of what each piece of the project was and what its assignment equivalent ended up being. Here goes:

Writing a Story through Inklewriter (Web): 4 1/2 Stars

Make a Poster (Design): 4 Stars

Reverse Audio Quiz (Audio): 3 1/2 Stars

Make up a Theme (Audio): 4 1/2 Stars

Your Future (Writing): 3 Stars

An Alternate Life (Writing): 3 Stars

Color Isolation (Visual): 3 1/2 Stars

Story Timeline (Visual): 3 1/2 Stars

The overall project accounted for 29 1/2 stars!

As a final note, I just want to thank everyone in this class for being so awesome this semester. Being so involved in so much creativity and making projects with other people was a ton of fun. And thank you, Dr. Bond, for being so helpful and supportive this semester as we tried to figure everything out. Have a great summer!

Making Progress in Sound

I spent a good chunk of this weekend writing like mad, but I sat down and got some audio work done, as well. I was really excited to put together some more sound clips (since that has definitely been my favorite thing to do so far this semester), and I have officially completed that portion of the story. Honestly I just want to share this with you right now, I’m so pleased with what came out. But I’ll refrain for the time being. (It’s on my Soundcloud if you’re really curious, though.)

The assignments that I used for these audio pieces came up to a grand total of 8 stars, but for the sake of spoilers I’m not going to say which assignments they are. I plan on posting all of that information as soon as the whole project is done and published. Stay tuned!



I’ll be honest, I got a little more excited than I should have to see this. When I found out that Kris had updated his Western106 Buzzfeed quiz, I immediately went in search of Danny to see if he made the cut. And he did! It took me no time to answer the questions as Danny might have to find him (first try!) and this final blurb on my character made me grin like crazy.

Kris, thank you for making this quiz! I can tell you really did your research, and it brightens my day to see that you’ve put so much effort into finding stuff on everyone’s character and reading into each personality. And to everyone else, make sure you take the quiz yourself! It’s very well done, so find who you’re most like, and maybe try to find your character, too! I was most like Bonnie Sue, myself.

Thanks again to Kris for making this happen!

This Week’s Progress

Outside of planning, advertising, and commenting on others’ ideas, I have done three presentations and written two papers — one two pages long and the other ten. Needless to say, I have not completed the entirety of this final project in this week alone. Luckily, finals week comes with the warm fuzzy feeling of an end in sight, and I’ve gotten some work done behind the scenes for this grand story. I’ve got the plot outlined and some of the assignments completed, but I’ve only posted the first one, which was the poster advertising this new tale.

I also had some major trouble with commenting, since the ds106 tales website isn’t updating anything outside of Dr. Bond’s new posts, so I had to go through the ds106 main page to access the recent posts from the site (which I didn’t figure out until today). Everyone’s final project ideas look good so far, though, so good luck to everyone in this final week! See you on the other side.

Do These, Danny Keys!

Promo Poster

Here it is, the first part of the final project!

So far I’ve spent this week brainstorming ideas, picking out assignments to help guide my story, and writing out the basic plot. My goal for this story is to make it interactive, and since it relates to my character, I decided to let him tell it. In this story, you’re going to tell Danny what he should do for you as he goes about his day. Of course, since this is a multimedia story, he won’t just be playing the piano! He will have guessing games, stories, and music to offer throughout this little adventure. So, what will you have Danny do?

This poster was created more or less as a part of this assignment, which asks you to create a poster advertisement for something. Of course, I chose to make it for my final story project just to give everyone a little taste of what’s to come. This poster is worth 4 stars of my 25 star goal. I won’t be sticking to every assignment to the letter, but I did manage to find ones close enough to my ideas to give me a rough estimate as I work through this project.

Stay tuned to some other components that I’ll be posting here! They might not make sense now, but I promise everything will come together next week.

I Have an Idea!

After receiving the instructions for our final project (and getting some other final projects out of the way), I started thinking about ways to tell a good, multimedia story based around my character. At first, I had no idea where to start aside from looking through the various assignments we could draw from.

Then I kept thinking about my most recent web design assignment, which was the interactive story I wrote. That assignment was very fun, but complex. If I write a story and branch it out, then I can add extra media and develop it into a new, multiple-ending, interactive narrative. In order to incorporate more media, I will use photo, audio, and perhaps video or writing assignments which will amount to 25 or more stars.

This week, I will focus on writing out a general plot for my dear character Danny’s adventure and work on the assignments that will become a part of the story. Next week, I will finish the assignments and put the story into Inklewriter, the online writing tool that will allow me to make this story come to life and put it into the hands of the reader.