Tumbling Along

This week so far has been full of planning and organizing on the part of my group. We started off by just getting together and trying to work out ideas in a Google Doc, with pages upon pages of ideas and jumbled up thoughts. Once our group was established, we agreed on meeting in the Doc on Tuesday night, since none of our schedules aligned well enough to have an in-person meeting.

The document was cleared out and set to be better organized for the sake of more easily discussing our ideas. Unfortunately, most of us could not make the meeting at the appropriate time, so those who were there came up with the plot of the murder mystery and left it for others to read and comment upon. Once everyone got their ideas out, we agreed on who would compile the audio recordings, how we would split up the narratives, and how we were going to write the story. I came upon the task of writing out a loose script around which our story will take place. The deadline for this story is Friday — enough time to ensure that everyone can mull over their ideas over break before we come back and record.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but so far the story of “Turning Tumbleweeds” is based around the murder of a saloon owner by the name of Johnny. The story will unfold in a series of interviews from those who knew the victim and saw him on the day of the murder, and the wives of the two co-sheriffs collect their narratives in order to find out what really happened. Hopefully all goes well!

In the meantime, all of us are working on radio bumpers and commercials for this week’s assignments in order to get a feel for our characters and voices before the big recording. Mine will come about tomorrow — all I have to do is record and compile the audio now.

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