Tumbling to the Tune: Progress Week 2

This week my group got a jump start on our work. We had everything from our plot to our segments planned out before break, and today was our deadline for getting our own audio portions sent in to the two who are compiling and editing it all together. It’s in their hands now, but I’m sure they’re going to do great!

I had the pleasure of writing the plot of this whodunnit for our mystery murder show, which turned out to just be a short script outlining the general events of the day. I may publish that after the show is complete, if anyone is interested. Hopefully you guys can guess what happened before the big reveal!

My own personal recording session was a bit more work than I had intended. The talking portion went just fine, but I had decided that I wanted to record my own piano for the background, which was a challenge; I know some chords, but that’s about it. I spent twenty minutes recording the entirety of an improvised piano set and opted to just listen to it and cut it up in Audacity. Roughly two hours later I had some semblance of something that I thought sounded okay in the background of the segment, but I saved an audio file with just my talking in case it wouldn’t work for the show.

If you would like to hear my part of the show right away, I published the piano version of it on Soundcloud. I would wait until the whole show is done, though — gotta watch out for spoilers!

3 thoughts on “Tumbling to the Tune: Progress Week 2

  1. This sounds really great! I love that your group did a murder mystery, I think that’s an awesome idea! It’s amazing that you recorded the piano part yourself, even though you don’t know everything about pianos. Great work!

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