Turning Tumbleweeds: Coming Soon

Promo Poster

Here is the promo poster I created for my group’s Western Murder Mystery, “Turning Tumbleweeds”.

A major part of the work that went into this poster was primarily finding a working title for the show itself. I had colored and edited the images and worked out the wording of everything else the day before my group had settled on a title for the show. Once the title was chosen, I had to rearrange the phrases and titles to make it look appealing at all angles. I put special focus into making sure there was enough balance in the color as well as the wording so that the important parts stuck out from a distance, but the whole poster was legible and easy to follow up close.

Personally I’m very excited for the prospect of making this radio show come to life, but we still have lots to work out. The title and poster is only the beginning!

One thought on “Turning Tumbleweeds: Coming Soon

  1. The serif typeface, set in all caps, has that Western feel without being trite or obvious about it. Well done. I especially like the blood-splattered floorboards in the background, and the way they’re toned down so you have to look at them twice to recognize what they are.

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