The Story of the Hour: Daily Create Week 13

This week, we had to do three Daily Creates and then combine them into a story. I ended up doing four (mostly because I really like taking pictures of trees), but this turned out okay considering my first would have been much harder to work into a story.

In the streets of Figueira, Portugal, a couple stood debating their evening plans. The woman, ever the opponent of green foods, refused to eat the last piece of broccoli. The man desperately tried to bribe her into eating it by offering her a reward of ice cream. After much negotiation, the woman eventually ate the broccoli and they went to the ice cream shop on the beach. Afterward, they took a lovely stroll through the town until the sun was setting. On the horizon, they saw two outstanding trees poking out of the other vegetation. The man leaned over to the woman and quietly commented on their beauty. She only replied that they looked like broccoli, and turned to head home.

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