Do These, Danny Keys!

Promo Poster

Here it is, the first part of the final project!

So far I’ve spent this week brainstorming ideas, picking out assignments to help guide my story, and writing out the basic plot. My goal for this story is to make it interactive, and since it relates to my character, I decided to let him tell it. In this story, you’re going to tell Danny what he should do for you as he goes about his day. Of course, since this is a multimedia story, he won’t just be playing the piano! He will have guessing games, stories, and music to offer throughout this little adventure. So, what will you have Danny do?

This poster was created more or less as a part of this assignment, which asks you to create a poster advertisement for something. Of course, I chose to make it for my final story project just to give everyone a little taste of what’s to come. This poster is worth 4 stars of my 25 star goal. I won’t be sticking to every assignment to the letter, but I did manage to find ones close enough to my ideas to give me a rough estimate as I work through this project.

Stay tuned to some other components that I’ll be posting here! They might not make sense now, but I promise everything will come together next week.

3 thoughts on “Do These, Danny Keys!

  1. I think it would be fun if Danny created some artwork on stage – I went to a thing once (can’t remember exactly what it was called) and basically the artist was on stage and the audience was allowed to yell out a topic or color or whatever and he used it in the art he was creating. I think that would be awesome!

    1. That does sound awesome! I’m a terrible artist, though, and I don’t think I could pull off anything that complex for this project, but I’ll keep it in mind and see if I can do something along those lines. It sounds like a fun idea!

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