Five Years From Now

Danny Keys tells us what his plans are in “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you haven’t gotten the chance to ask him there, he’ll tell you here! This was prompted by this assignment, worth 3 stars.

Where will I be in five years?

Here, hopefully. I love this town, moreso than any others I’ve been to so far. It’s small and friendly, but used to strangers. Someone new comes around every now and then and just settles in, never leaves. I’ve moved around more than a couple times each year since I left New York, but I stopped in this town and haven’t picked myself up to leave in almost two years now.

Of course, Johnny’s death hasn’t made that any easier. I hate always bringing it up, but I pass by his old saloon every now and again and I wonder if I had stuck around if he hadn’t opened that door to me. I hope losing him hurts less in the future, wherever I am.

I will stay here, though. I’ve already decided that. It’ll take a hurricane in Arizona to take me away from this place.

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