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Paper Riders

Sticky Note Animation

Welcome to a tiny bull chase, featuring two inked-in cowboys and a round little bull. This GIF assignment, which has you draw an animation sticky note style and convert it into a GIF, gave room for plenty of creativity. In my own version, I wanted to capture something like the cowboy’s biggest issue in the Wild West — keeping the cattle calm and in line with one another. Moving them across the wide regions of the southwest to the railroads up north was dangerous, and the effort and risk necessary to do it made for great stories. Chasing down the loose cattle and making sure nothing else went wrong was a real struggle. I made an effort to capture a simplified version of this kind of scene in my sticky note animation, which was a lot of fun to create! It was also a lot of editing, picture-taking, and GIF-creating which my computer admittedly did not enjoy as much.

The assignment prompt’s request was simple, and despite my limited understanding of GIFs and photo editing, I really wanted to try it out. After putting together this simple little western-inspired scene on my sticky notes, I had to take pictures. The sticky notes were all too happy to curl up at the bottom, hence the pencil in each shot (sorry, I know it looks a little messy). Once I got the notes under control and the camera settings just right, I had to switch out the scenes shot-by-shot without moving the camera around too much. Almost everything shifted between each picture.

So, once I uploaded all of the photos, I had to adjust and crop them so that they aligned better. This probably took the longest — mostly because my computer was not happy with me trying to move and save photos all within the same Paint.Net document. Once all of that was complete, I had to switch over to a GIF-making program. After extensive research, I used GIMP according to the how-to guide this course’s handbook graciously provided. It was a long and confusing process, but I came out knowing a lot more about GIFs than I thought I ever could.

This process was a great learning experience, and aside from trying to navigate programs for the first time, it was a great deal of fun.