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The Story of the Hour: Daily Create Week 13

This week, we had to do three Daily Creates and then combine them into a story. I ended up doing four (mostly because I really like taking pictures of trees), but this turned out okay considering my first would have been much harder to work into a story.

In the streets of Figueira, Portugal, a couple stood debating their evening plans. The woman, ever the opponent of green foods, refused to eat the last piece of broccoli. The man desperately tried to bribe her into eating it by offering her a reward of ice cream. After much negotiation, the woman eventually ate the broccoli and they went to the ice cream shop on the beach. Afterward, they took a lovely stroll through the town until the sun was setting. On the horizon, they saw two outstanding trees poking out of the other vegetation. The man leaned over to the woman and quietly commented on their beauty. She only replied that they looked like broccoli, and turned to head home.

Graphic Design is not my passion: Daily Create Week 12

This week we only had to do two Daily Creates, so I had to try to express something through emojis and then design something to the power of 4. I’m a little worn out with photo editing, so I tried to make something myself and, well, what’s done is done. Enjoy!

In a World… Daily Create Week 11

This week, I had to define March Madness, invent a Wile E. Coyote trap, and create a surreal scene out of Monument Valley.

Memes. Week 10 Daily Creates

This week I made yet another meme. I have made many memes for this class. I also did an “Itch A Skitch” of a cowboy in a little town. Don’t shake your screen — you might erase it!

Tombstones and Trains: Week 9 Daily Creates

This week’s daily creates were very visual. I found a face in a plank of wood, made a tombstone for something I wish would go away, and made and captioned a GIF from a famous movie!

Creatin’ Daily: Week 7

This week’s Daily Create haul was a lot of fun, spanning from finding the time to making an audio journey to misquoting old cowgirls. Here they are:

Hope everyone has a great spring break!

Daily Creates: Week 6

This week I captioned a painting, turned a dog into a GIF, and chose my favored mode of Western transportation. Here are the tweets:

Week 5 Daily Creates

Here are my Daily Creates for this week!

The first prompt asked us to make up a new western saying:

To which @dogtrax replied with a really cool comic:

The second prompt asked us to make up a Pony Express postmark:

And finally, the third one was to make a treasure map: