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And… Cut! Progress on “College is a Rodeo”

Tonight Tierra and I sat down to edit together the final parts of the video. Three hours later, we’re finally in the uploading stage. The video turned out really well, minus some little sound errors thanks to my portion. We got together in the tech center and used iMovie to compile all of the audio (which didn’t really agree with my Windows Movie Maker editing. I hate to admit it, but Apple does this better). Once the pieces were all completed and loaded into iMovie on the fancy Macs, we put in an intro, transition slides, some excellent transition music, and our final “thanks” to the viewers. Then came the converting and uploading and sending it to the group. This took the majority of the time we spent on the video, but it went without much trouble.

Needless to say video editing hasn’t been my forte yet in this class. Still, we have accomplished a 21 minute video, coming soon to YouTube! We’ll be publishing the link as soon as the video is done loading.

College is a Rodeo: In the Making

The first half of this week was dedicated to shooting videos in order to use them as footage for our show. The show itself is a vlog-style interpretation of how our characters would interact with going to college, so making the videos was about incorporating campus life. After writing my script, I spent a lot of time this week exploring different aspects of campus to record and work into my video. I ended up getting about half an hour’s worth of footage, including the actual dialogue part, to edit and put together. That took a very long time in itself, but hopefully everything runs smoothly.

Today, Tierra and I are going to be editing the videosĀ into our show, and I’ll write about that process once it’s done. Look out for College is a Rodeo! It’s coming soon.

OFF to Play: My Favorite Thing to Do

This is a short video of me just playing one of my favorite games, OFF, in accordance with this assignment which asks us to show what our favorite thing to do is. Incidentally, I’m not really that big on gaming, but I spend a whole lot of time watching YouTube and gaming channels. I figured seeing me watching a video for thirty seconds would be kind of terrible, though, so I decided to be one of the YouTubers instead and do some of my own recording.

Over the course of a thirty minute video, I essentially explained all of this, but I’m not very well versed in talking into a computer so everything ran really slow and I was getting tired of hearing my own voice. Instead, I picked all of the good parts out and just condensed the gaming side of it for the sake of making the video watchable.

I used OBS to record the game, Audacity to record the audio, and Windows Movie Maker to combine and edit the two. It took a long time to get through all thirty minutes and cut out the dead air, and the audio turned out to be pretty quiet behind the game, but hopefully you can still hear it!