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College is a Rodeo (Trailer)

Here’s my trailer for my group’s video project titled “College is a Rodeo”. Since we are kind of limited to our place, we’re taking our characters to college. They will be exploring their experiences in this video series, so here the student Danny is introducing himself and showing off what he does just a little. We’ll be going more into his daily habits in the final project, so look out for next week when it comes out!

Here’s the Plan: Video Show

This week, some of my radio group and I got together and decided to organize a video show! We had a bit of trouble connecting with everyone over the weekend due to people having not-school things to do, so for a minute we thought we wouldn’t be able to make a show at all, but just as we were considering our alternative options, our groupmates swooped in to claim their spot, and we began brainstorming right away as a group of four!

We decided to break away from our radio show, unfortunately, due to the fact that working around a campus location would be difficult when the original plot was in a small town in Arizona. So, our characters are reset and put into a college student scenario. This kind of removes them from the Western theme, but we decided it would be the most logical course of action to put together a good show.

In order to create this narrative, we chose to work in a vlog/documentary style of recording. Each of us will do a segment of “A Day in the Life of…” for our characters and put it together as a collective story of their college experiences, what they do, and how they like UMW. Hopefully we can get together for a bit of collective recording, too, but we’re working out our schedules still.

I’m really excited to do this project, although I do similarly feel apprehensive. I’m not one who is well-versed in the world of recording and video editing, so hopefully I can pull off some good quality video. On top of that, my character is a man and I’m not exactly one who could easily pass as such without a great deal of effort. So, unless I can recruit a friend who is of a┬ámore masculine physique, we are going to have to pretend very hard or just do a little gender swap.

Still, overall this video show is looking promising! Stay tuned for next week, when we release it into the world.