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Collaborate ‘n Create: Week 9

This week was lots of fun. I really enjoy collaborating and working off of other’s ideas, like we did in the radio show! All of my assignments worked off of our radio show, too, which was even cooler. To start, I made a post with a series of ideas for collaborative projects to do with classmates, or just to give everyone some ideas (I was stuck at first so I thought my research might be of some use). I finally collaborated with Tierra in an email-based story of what happened after the murder (4 stars). I then wrote a story based around Natalie’s character Talie coming over to Danny’s for dinner (2 1/2 stars). Finally, in response to Carlee’s poster for summer tutoring with Danny, I made a picture-based story of what the summer tutoring would be like (3 1/2 stars), which totaled to a solid ten stars!

The radio shows turned out incredibly well, so good job again to everyone for their hard work! I wrote a response to the “World Wide Western News” show, which was a splendid listen. I also posted some extra content to go with our radio show when it played on Thursday!

My Daily Creates for the week consisted of tombstones, trains, and faces in the floor. Spooky stuff.

And last but not least, I made lots of comments.

Again, thanks everyone who came out and listened to “Turning Tumbleweeds”! It was cool being on Twitter with y’all and seeing your responses to the murder mystery. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!

Tombstones and Trains: Week 9 Daily Creates

This week’s daily creates were very visual. I found a face in a plank of wood, made a tombstone for something I wish would go away, and made and captioned a GIF from a famous movie!