Calling All DS106 Friends! Collaborative Ideas

Hey, everyone! I have some assignments queued up for collaborative work between characters, and I decided the best way to find people to work with might just be to post my ideas and see if anyone is interested in one in particular. Or maybe it’ll just be a good way to give everyone a start on what to do collaboratively for their own purposes. Either way, it helps someone, so here’s what I have (leave a comment on what you’re interested in so we can get in touch!):

The assignment “I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner” (2 stars) except between our two characters, old friends, who are catching up over a meal.

A collaborative story from “Sharing Credit” (4 stars) — pretty straightforward. It would be like the story from above, except more open-ended.

Celebrity Speed Dating” (3 stars) minus the celebrity, unless your character is a celebrity of sorts! The idea here might be to have the two characters each do a 30 second segment in which they pitch themselves to one another, or maybe we could get together and try to “speed date” in one minute with a series of rapid-fire question and answer.

The assignment “Roller Coaster Freaks” (2 1/2 stars) in which someone is sitting between our two characters who are on the roller coaster. Again, it could be spliced-together dialogue or just a meet-up recording session.

A trickier “Create a Crime Scene” (4 stars) in which we make up a crime scene (perhaps meet together to do some photography work). Maybe one of our characters has died and the other is trying to figure it out?

And finally, “Storytelling through Pictures” (3 1/2 stars) might be like the written assignments I mentioned earlier, except with visual media instead of words. It could tell a story of how our characters met, or how they would spend a day together.

If you really like these ideas, let me know you’d like to work with me or feel free to use them for your own purposes! I just compiled these to get the mind flowing and maybe help out anyone who might be a bit stuck.

Here’s the introduction to my character Danny, by the way, and a bit more background on his life. You can find all the stuff involving him in his tag on my site. The general idea of this character is fairly fluid, so he can be in your town, if you have a specific setting, or in a different place entirely. The only really solid part of him is that he is a pianist, so he will be wherever he can work by playing music (usually saloons, but those are in all kinds of towns so he’s not going to interact solely with saloon owners/workers).

I hope this helps! I can’t wait to collaborate with all of the characters and ideas we’ve created so far.

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