Design Blitz

This week we were asked to do a design blitz based off of the logos or signs around us. While I was thinking about this assignment, I realized that most of the items around us have a design or logo somewhere on them. So, here is a survey of the items in my room, more or less.


This first logo comes from a shoe brand by the name of DC. Here we can see a good example of minimalist design. The “D” and the “C” cross over one another to make a square shape despite the size and original shape of the letters. Both are open, loosely imitating one another, and the “C” holds a small star. The combination of the two letters look like a chain link as well, making a small, simple, and visually pleasing logo for a brand.


The second logo I chose was this L. L. Bean one off of my backpack. The design of this logo is simple and clear in its typography, giving the name of the company in a nice, easy to read font. The letters themselves are embroidered, giving the logo texture and a sense of three dimensional space, which is an appealing effect for a brand.


This third symbol is from Sunsweet, which sells dried fruits. The colors in this logo are the most striking, drawing the eyes to its bright yellow and orange, which is offset by the blue logo. Yellow is a naturally attractive color, and the bold print of the brand name on top of it makes consumers feel drawn to its contrast and appealing, easily viewed name.


Finally, depicted here is a Starbucks (and Keurig) logo. The Starbucks logo is heavy with symbolism and incredibly distinctive. Starbucks can draw its customers in by simply putting this logo out in the street. The two-tailed mermaid is reminiscent of the sirens of old seafaring stories, which is appropriate given that the name of the company comes from Captain Ahab’s first mate, Starbuck, in Moby Dick. The symbol of the siren with the star over her head is hard to miss in modern culture.

These symbols all hold important characteristics of effective design, no matter how simple or symbolic it is.

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