Economy of Design

This reading by Vignelli had a lot of interesting information. It was useful in exploring the principles of design and space. I hadn’t considered much of what went into the design of visual elements such as logos and printed works. Even the font and spacial awareness of words were necessary in maintaining a well-designed page.

The part of the reading that struck me the most was using the phrase “economy in design” as a means of expressing useful, effectively organized design within the given parameters. Maintaining a good balance of simplicity and complexity in color, texture, type, and size is difficult, but certainly worth understanding in order to create a nice design for any situation.

I understood a few of these principles prior to the reading due to my experience in high school art classes and the newspaper. In those cases we had to ensure that our images had good balance and design before starting any drawing or painting, and each newspaper page had to be laid out before articles would even be written in order to place our most interesting articles up front with a picture and balance out the lower half with well-spaced articles. Doing both art and newspaper for a couple of years helped me learn how to ensure that space was used well and that each work had a solid central focus. The meaning was understood without any explanation.

Of course, those were high school-level activities, and the information in Vignelli’s book would have been immensely useful at the time. I had to learn a lot of what he explains by simple trial and error over those years.

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